Technical Consultant – Food Systems Challenge Project (WFP) – RFP – K – 051322

Posted on June 30, 2022

Berytech has recently launched the call for applications. Twenty SMEs and cooperatives were shortlisted out of which 10 entities were selected to receive a support package of one hundred thousand dollar (USD 100,000) in cash grant and technical assistance to help them develop their solutions. Selected participants were chosen based on their project’s final impact on the food system in Lebanon, throughout the food value chain, be it on the producer end or at the consumer level. Impact includes improved food security, impact on local rural producers and communities, labor, and consumer. Within that framework, Berytech hire technical consultants to deliver the assistance within a specific scope determined on case-by-case basis after a thorough business needs assessments.

Berytech seeks an external consultant to support a well-established cooperative in developing its fodder hydroponic system. The cooperative currently services around 270 farmers and producers, which all registered members of the cooperative. The cooperative deploys its services and area of influence across all the northern Akkar region. It provides year-round agricultural and animal production expositions and points of sale, on its premises, free-of-charge. It also provides the farmers with animal medication, through its fully equipped animal pharmacy, located in its premises. The cooperative also has its own food processing unit, as well as an olive press, currently producing about 4,500 olive tanks/year.

The cooperative owns and runs a livestock farm (100 cows) on a 20,000 sqm parcel of land located near the cooperative’s premises. It also has access to a 50,000 m3 artificial lake, which can potentially be used for any water shortages in the region. The water pipeline of 4 inch is spread along 1.3 km benefitting 77 plots around the area.


The Consultant is expected to fulfill the following:

Provide training and coaching to rural recipients in the scope of capacity building and create a training curriculum that falls within the scope of women empowerment. The training program will assist in the following areas:

  • Extend recipients’ knowledge of gender equality, financial literacy, women’s rights, and resource management.
  • Design a training program extending over a minimum of 2 days in the scope of financial literacy, digital literacy, innovation, gender equality, water-energy-food nexus.
  • Develop Trainer’s guide on employees coaching about topics related to business development, financial literacy, digital literacy, gender equality, empowerment, and resource management.
  • Provide the FSC team, at the end of the intervention, a briefing clearly and thoroughly demonstrating the milestones achieved in terms of the beneficiary’s understanding of the above-mentioned training terms and the remaining areas of development within that scope.


    • Be able to comply with national fiscal context and rules for receipt of international funds.
    • BSc/BA diploma in sociology, international development, socio-economic and all relevant fields, MA/MS is a plus.
    • 7 to 10 years of experience in delivering capacity building trainings related to economic empowerment, gender equality, development, etc. for rural recipients and people at-risk.
    • Proven experience in delivering trainings and training materials.
    • Excellent communications and report writing skills.
    • Fluent in English and Arabic.


    The selected Consultant is expected to start his/her activities the soonest after selection, exact timeline and effective working days are to be set based on both company’s and Consultant’s availabilities.

    Candidates should submit the following documents:

    • Technical (maximum two pages) describing the methodology to conduct the work based on the content suggested in section: “Scope of Work, Outputs, and Deliverables” elaborating it further.
    • Profile and project references (maximum two pages): A brief explanation of the consultant(s) background should be submitted (CVs shall be included as annex) along with project references on the topic.
    • Financial Proposal describing the expected renumeration and the proposed timeframe of the intervention.

    Important: The header of the technical and financial offers must clearly note the candidate data (Name, address, country, telephone, email and fiscal identity number or other official number).


    For further information or to submit your documents and proposal please contact:

    Berytech, Procurement Unit:, with the subject: “Technical Consultant – Food Systems Challenge Project (WFP) – RFP – K – 051322”.

    Deadline: July 6, 2022.

    About Berytech

    Berytech is a leading organization in the Entrepreneurial Eco-system in Lebanon, that aims to provide a conducive environment for the creation and development of startups, through incubation, business support, counseling, funding, networking, and company hosting, hence taking part in the economic revival of the country, participating in wealth and job creation, and retaining graduates and high-level skills in Lebanon.