LED will assist Bluering by hiring a senior UI / UX consultant.

Bluering, a fintech company established in 2008, offers extensive end-to-end solutions for pre-lending decision making for banks and financial institutions helping them to maintain full control over their credit management process. Today, Bluering provides credit automation solution for banks in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.

Bluering offers two main credit risk and credit management solutions to banks and financial institutions: Bluering Retail Credit Management and Bluering Commercial Credit Management.

Now, Bluering is planning to upgrade “Bluering Commercial Credit Management” because the current version of the product is not so user friendly. It needs a new user interface (UI) to support a new user experience (UX). However, Bluering does not possess the expertise in-house.

LED will assist Bluering by cost sharing to hire a senior UI / UX consultant who will work with the Bluering team to establish the main guidelines and framework (the design) for an improved and upgraded user interface and experience—the look and feel, functionality, usability and feature—of the new Commercial Credit Management product. The consultant will also train, and coach new staff hired to fully develop the UI/UE aspects.

With LED’s assistance, Bluering expects to increase sales significantly and generate 20 new jobs by 2020.

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