CMU-PCM Tech launched in June 2020 with a mission to help develop more energy-efficient envelopes.

CMU-PCM Tech launched in June 2020 with a mission to help develop more energy-efficient envelopes. The startup works on developing innovative sustainable construction material with the main goal of enhancing the thermal comfort of the building while also reducing its electrical consumption.

CMU-PCM Tech proposes a building envelope solution with bio-based materials that offer a passive and latent energy savings strategy. The use of a PCM-CMU-enhanced building envelope has a direct impact on alleviating energy consumption while maintaining thermal comfort levels in a building.

The solution works on energy storage and not only heat resistance. Simply stated, the block can absorb, store, and release heat at a defined temperature to provide useful heating and cooling for your room. When the temperature is high, the block absorbs heat, and then when the temperature drops at night the heat stored is released.

PCM enhanced CMU blocks are mainly used as building envelopes. However, they can also be integrated into other building elements such as the roof and slabs. They can also be developed to be added to other construction elements such as plaster which we will be working on later on.

Users of CMU-PCM Tech benefit from a reduction in the cooling and heating energy loads, and hence a decrease in electricity bills. The people who benefit the most are those who have the mindset of creating a sustainable future by living in a building that saves on energy demand.

The team’s vision is to become a company that specializes in providing building energy solutions that utilize latent energy storage within the building envelope. The goal is to develop different energy storage strategies that target several climatic zones within the MENA region with the main objective of mitigating energy loads within the built environment.

  • CMU-PCM Tech is currently enrolled in the Cleanergy program

Team Members

Talal Salem / co-founder

Najib Metni / co-founder

Chantal Ghasb / co-founder

Mohamad Kazma / co-founder