Gharset Kheir

Gharset Kheir aggregates endangered national organic seeds, allocates agricultural lands to increase their quantities, and then distributes them in the form of ready-to-plant agricultural kits to individuals. These kits consist of seedlings, seeds, and organic fertilizers ready for planting. This aims to ensure that Lebanese families obtain natural organic agricultural production with minimal costs and achieve agricultural self-sufficiency. The project targets not only households but also different segments of society: It distributes the kits to farmers in exchange for allocating a portion of their production to benefit the seed bank. This project ensures preservation of indigenous seeds, promote it, and make it more accessible. 

  • Gharset Kheir is currently enrolled in the Agrytech program

Team Members

Adounis Emad / Co-Founder

Eskandar Emad / Co-Founder

Nour Saad / Co-Founder

Firas Emad / Co-Founder