Gharsit Kheir

Gharsit Kheir distributes seedlings, seeds, and organic fertilizers to farmers in exchange for a portion of their production to benefit the seed bank.

The startup aims to promote natural, organic agricultural production with minimal costs and encourage agricultural self-sufficiency among families. The process involves calculating the required quantities of seedlings, seeds, and organic fertilizers, which are then distributed in the form of ready-to-plant agricultural kits. These kits can be used on rooftops and balconies, providing a convenient and accessible space for families to grow their produce.


  • Gharsit Kheir is currently enrolled in the Agrytech program

Team Members

Adounis Emad / Co-Founder

Eskandar Emad / Co-Founder

Nour Saad / Co-Founder

Firas Emad / Co-Founder