Kamakian engages with its products, more than 400 farmers all around Lebanon. From Bolonia in the Metn area to the pearly shores of Anfeh, from Anjar in the Bekaa valley to Jbaa’ in the South, these all-natural products come from the rich soil of Lebanon, the land that gave refuge to millions of Armenians.

Kamakian is our way of giving back to the land and to the most vulnerable among its population. It all started in the founder, Aline Kamakian’s backyard in 2018, where they started making their own products to supply their restaurants. In 2022, the market’s demand for high quality homemade products spiked after the COVID-19 lockdown phase, and the need for indigenous products even more.

Their added value is truly the ability to create high quality, tasty and beneficial food products, all in certified factories with FSSC and ISO certificates. Their products are planted, harvested and cleaned by farmers, mostly women, who provide to their families their yearly needs from selling us their crops.

Kamakian aims to create high quality planet-friendly food products that evoke the Armenian culinary heritage. Doing so by giving a chance for change whether by working with mostly qualified women and people who represent marginalized communities in Lebanon such as gender non conforming people.

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