Lunar Group

LED will assist Lunar by hiring a consultant to implement GMP.

lunar group founded in 2013 in Aramoun, produces a range of hair treatments and body creams. The company owns seven brands: Bold, Keralyss, Lunar, Melissa, Starco, Smart Professional, and Zinia. Lunar Group sells in Lebanon through four distributors across all regions and exports to several countries.

Lunar Group has an open deal (trial deal for which samples were sent) with a distributor abroad who is interested in representing one of Lunar’s product lines for sale to key accounts and professional hair salons. The distributor has even opened a new division in his company dedicated to the brand. In the long-term, the distributor is also interested in representing Lunar Group’s other brands.

The buyer abroad is willing to import Lunar products if Lunar will acquire a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. This certification is required for importing cosmetics and hair treatment products to the concerned country.LED introduced a consultant to Lunar who visited the factory and met with the owner. The consultant and Lunar agreed to work together, through LED, to implement GMP. The expert will work on 3 pillars: planning (gap analysis of the company processes); ensuring process implementation, and measuring and monitoring the processes and report results.

To kick off the assistance, LED and Lunar signed a MOU covering this assistance. With LED’s support, the company expects to increase sales significantly and create 7 new jobs by 2020.

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