Agrytech Learning Series

Berytech is gathering key experts in a 3-session webinar to discuss immediate challenges in the agri-food sector that require innovative solutions.

The Learning Series in Brief

Lebanon is suffering from an on-going economic crisis placing the agri-food sector at a pivotal point.

While the sector is facing numerous challenges including the lack of technology, the low efficiency, and the lack of funds, many opportunities to innovate are emerging.

Our aim today is to create a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, engineers, creatives, and an orbit of experts and supporters, leading to the creation of startups that would serve the local, regional and international needs, pushing the agri-food sector forward.

The Agrytech Learning Series is organized by Berytech under the Agrytech Program, co-funded by The Kingdom of the Netherlands.

January 12, 2021, from 12:30PM to 2:00 PM

Session 1: Animal Production In The Agri-food Sector

Milk, meat, chicken, eggs, honey, and wool, etc. are products that we need and consume daily. Even though some Lebanese companies are producing them locally, Lebanon relies mainly on the import of dairy products, meats of all types, processed chicken products, and honey, because of the limitations in production, in addition to its higher cost compared to imported products.

To understand more about the challenges facing the animal production sector in Lebanon, we will host experts in this sector to share their experiences and inspire entrepreneurs to innovate viable solutions.

January 19, 2021, from 12:30PM to 2:00 PM

Session 2: The crop production and access to Finance in the agri-food sector

As the agriculture sector faces immense challenges with the devaluation of the currency, the consequences are unveiling in the increased prices of fruits, vegetables, and related products. Current production practices are not efficient, land use is not optimal, and the access to funds is very hard, limiting the growing capacity of the farmers.

We will host experts in the agricultural sector to discuss the different problems limiting the sector in Lebanon and the solutions needed to turn them around into potential opportunities.

January 26, 2021, from 12:30PM to 2:00 PM

Session 3: Food processing, marketing, and distribution in the agri-food sector

The Lebanese food processing sector has always faced high competition because of the reliance on imported goods. Because of the currency devaluation, we witness a shift in consumer behavior as the Lebanese consumer shifts to local products, giving the agri-food sector room for new production opportunities. To meet the need of the local market and open for potential export opportunities, this sector needs to improve not only its practices and quality of products but also its costs.

During this session, we will host experts who will highlight the processing, marketing, and distribution challenges of agri-food products, giving entrepreneurs a clearer idea of the technology needed to innovate in the sector.

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