Beirut Hope Initiative

Berytech has setup a bank account for those who wish to transfer funds to support our startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs.

About the Initiative

We hope you and your loved ones are safe. Berytech has put together a group of volunteers to support our startups, SMEs, our entrepreneurs, our community and your families and friends.

If you need assistance with cleaning and fixing either your home or office or shop, you need food or water, you need clothes or hygiene/first aid items, you need someone to donate blood, you need help finding lodging, you need babysitting, you need any kind of assistance, please revert back by filling the form.

Our volunteers can also fill part-time jobs for you if you need them for your work. The Berytech team is on high alert for you.

Please reach out to us by filling the below details.

Stay safe.

Request Support

Please use this form to tell us how we can assist you in the best way possible.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering to bring back hope to Beirut. Please fill this form to volunteer with us.