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A Strong & Vibrant Network

Berytech Meetups is a program powered by the Global Innovation of Science & Technology network (GIST), initiated by the U.S. Department of State, aiming at building a strong & vibrant network of entrepreneurs in Lebanon focusing on science & technology.

Berytech has been awarded to create the GIST Innovation Hub in Lebanon thus joining a vibrant network of programs that nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators through direct, on-the-ground training.

We’ve rounded up some Meetups video sessions here. Check them out!



Catalyse Your Entrepreneurial Skills

The program aims to catalyze the participants’ networking and entrepreneurial skills to build durable, long-term, supportive networks so that participants can grow their skills and businesses together both in their home country and through a network of contacts abroad.

“Berytech Meetups powered by GIST” will provide resources that entrepreneurs in Lebanon can use to adapt to their unique sets of social, political and economic circumstances through talks, networking, skills building, mentoring, support, and idea sharing.