Now is the time to launch your cleantech startup

Berytech is sourcing the next cleantech innovators to help them grow their idea into a successful business with global impact. If you’re innovating in Water and Wastewater Management, Agriculture, Solid Waste Management, Transportation, or Energy, apply to Berytech’s clean technology accelerator program, Cleanergy, and get up to $100k in funding and support to scale your business to success within 1 year.

The Accelerator in Brief

Through the program, Berytech offers you the resources, knowledge, support, and funding necessary to scale your idea and grow it into an international business:

Startup Funding

Up to $37K cash injection in
accelerated startups

Prototyping Facilities

Access to an electronics & hardware Fabrication Lab with technical support

Business Coaching

Bootcamps, training sessions and master classes developing entrepreneurial competencies

Customer Access

Promotion and visibility in local & international markets

Industry Connections

Linkages to Cleantech community & pool of dedicated experts

Follow-on Mentoring

Intensive mentoring trajectories with follow-on immersion in Europe

Lebanon is facing pressing and aggravating challenges in managing natural resources in the face of climate change, water and air pollution, deforestation, energy shortage. 

Cleantech Sectors

Your clean technology solution should include an innovative process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impact. You need to be part of a startup or SME at an idea or early stage and your solution should fall under these 5 sectors:


Energy generation, storage, infrastructure, efficiency; energy creation solutions (wind, solar, water, biomass), energy efficiency and optimization, resource management systems

solid waste management

Source reduction and recycling, disposal capacity and second material market, waste management, using the energy content of waste

water & wastewater management

Monitoring forecasts and process controls, wastewater treatment, metals removal


Incorporating innovative hardware and software solutions, introducing AI and IoT to the sector


Innovations in public transportation, solutions to energy-efficient vehicles, the use of big data in transport management, smart car-sharing solutions, improving infrastructures

The Program's Timeline

The program spans over one year, from September 2021 till July 2022, and is structured in three phases.

2-Month Business Validation Phase

Grant total $2,000

Capacity building for up to 24 startups to validate and ensure products are fit to market, are scalable and the startup teams have the capability to take this challenge. The validation phase ends with an expert jury selecting the top 12 teams to go into the Acceleration Phase for 4 months.

  • The initial intensive bootcamp is followed by a 2-month cycle of support during which the teams are introduced to market validation, team dynamics, and how to manage startups.
  • The support phase also includes one-on-one clinics with each team to help them address any emerging concern.

    4-Month Business Acceleration Phase

    Grant total $15,000

    Support for up to 12 startups to build the minimum viable product – MVP, and test it with early adopters, capacity building to establish the business from a financial, marketing, management and operational levels and business pitching. The acceleration phase ends with an expert jury selecting the top 8 companies to go into the Incubation Phase for 5 months.

    • Teams have access to Berytech’s Fab Lab and a pool of experts and product developers to help them build their MVP
    • The teams are linked to early adopters to test and further refine their products.
    • Teams have access to an immersion program in the Netherlands

        5-Month Incubation & Growth Phase

        Matching Grant Total up to $20,000

        Support for up to 8 startups in scaling, including hands-on fundraising support in negotiation, legal, terms sheets, and market access.

        • Up to 12 finalists receive coaching services on all aspects of product development, launching, scaling up, Intellectual Property, etc.
        • Teams receive additional “out of the box” support through MIT’s Confideo Venture Mentoring Services approach, where Berytech mobilizes a group of Senior Executives from leading companies in Lebanon, the Netherlands and internationally.
        • Teams test and validate their Apps and service solutions with provided support using the Living Lab approach.
        • Three teams benefit from international exposure and a soft-landing program in cooperation with Dutch/EU partners.

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