Clean technology Learning Series

Berytech gathered key experts alongside successful entrepreneurs in recurring weekly webinars to discuss the challenges in the Cleantech sector and how to innovate solutions.

The Learning Series in Brief

Our country has suffered during the last decade from high deterioration in the infrastructure and hygiene sectors in addition to the high cost of operating and consuming energy and water.

The aim today is to create a community of entrepreneurs and an orbit of experts and supporters, leading to the creation of startups that would serve the local, regional and international needs.

The educational series is showcasing a number of key experts alongside successful entrepreneurs in each of the following sectors, in recurring weekly webinars.

The Cleantech Learning Series is organized by Berytech under the Cleanergy Program, co-funded by The Kingdom of the Netherlands.

solid waste management

water & wastewater management

Renewable energy

Info Sessions

After the success of the first four webinars, The Clean Technology Learning Series will now host two experts in information sessions of one and half hour each. The experts will cover one of the subjects under Waste Management, Water and Wastewater and Renewable Energy. 


Every Tuesday on Zoom Video Communications Platform from 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Experts for the upcoming webinar will be announced one week before.

Webinar structure

  • Introduction to Cleantech Learning Series and overview of the webinar
  • Expert intervention
  • Panel Discussion
  • Q & A
  • Closing Remarks

Info Session 9 - tuesday June 2, 2020

During this final session, the Berytech team with present the different cleantech challenges identified with experts. This session should inspire anyone innovating in the sector to focus their idea or startup, and learn more about applying to the Cleanergy Accelerator Program.

Cleantech Challenges in Lebanon

Berytech Speaker: Ramy Boujawdeh, Deputy GM at Berytech

Ramy Boujawdeh joined Berytech in 2014 as the Deputy General Manager. He has been leading the Incubation and Entrepreneurship Business Development arm that supports innovative Lebanese startups and SMEs, providing Business Support, Mentorship, Coaching, Fundraising, Hosting, Networking and Internationalization and part of Innovation and Entrepreneurship regional programs. He designed and leads the ACT Smart Innovation Hub initiative, a first of its kind in MENA focusing on both Agtech and Cleantech.

With close to two decades of international experience in management in different disciplines, Ramy has amassed diversified knowledge in the fields of change and quality management, operations, and entrepreneurship support programs.

With a strong business mindset and a firm commitment to achieve excellent, Ramy is an Angel Investor and actively advises early-stage startups in Lebanon. Ramy holds a B.S. in Agriculture Engineering from the American University of Beirut, and a M.S. in Business Management and Economics.

Expert Speaker: Hania Chahal, Marketing Economist

Holder of bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Masters Degree in Food Economics and Marketing, Hania Chahal has around sixteen years of professional experience in designing, leading and implementing different assessments and projects across Lebanon as well as the region (Italy, Yemen, Syria), funded by various donors and international organizations such as USAID, EU, UN, DFID, and JICA among others. 

She has worked with SMEs, entrepreneurs, cooperatives, and business owners across various regions in Lebanon including the North, Bekaa, and Mount Lebanon governorates, gaining wide understanding of the challenges facing business growth and job creation within the regions. 

Her work has covered a range of different sectors including extensively the Agri-food sector, as well as Environment, Health, IT, printing and packaging sector, tourism, and others. 

Hania currently works on private sector development in Agri-food sector, particularly promoting exports for fresh fruits and vegetables to Europe and the Gulf. 

Berytech Speaker: Elias Nicolas, Cleantech Specialist at Berytech

Elias Nicolas joined Berytech in April 2020 as the Cleantech Specialist in the Cleantech Track of the ACT Smart Innovation Hub initiative.

In his current role, he is the prime interface with stakeholders in the Cleantech sector, responsible for leading the operations, planning, marketing and development of this Track. He continuously ensures the day-to-day smooth running of the program, with high levels of client satisfaction focusing on creating the best possible environment in which startups and SMEs can grow and succeed.

Elias is passionate about innovation with a genuine interest in supporting the success of startups. With more than 7 years of technical and sales experience across the MENA region, he acquired a rich knowledge in new technologies and trends in Cleantech and many other high-tech industries.

Elias holds a B.E. in Electrical Engineering from the Lebanese University and a Master of Research in Industrial Control from the University of Technology of Compiegne in France.

Clean Technology: Challenges & Opportunities In Lebanon

Berytech has been working with experts as well as the public and private sectors to identify a list of challenges within the cleantech sector, as we believe that these challenges can fuel and initiate a broad interest in the sector. Read more about these challenges and opportunities, they should inspire you to innovate in the cleantech sector, specifically in Renewable Energy, Waste Management and Water and Wastewater. Read more.

Cleantech Learning Series – Webinar 1 Summary

Ziad Abi Chaker, CEO at Cedar Environmental L.L.C, intervened as a guest speaker and entrepreneur in the Waste Management session, talking about the role of the private sector and entrepreneurs after the coronavirus pandemic in developing a roadmap to avoid another health crisis.

During the second session on Water and Wastewater management, Salah Saliba, Private Sector Engagement Team Lead on the USAID-funded Lebanon Water Project (LWP) at DAI, shared the business opportunities to attract the participation of the private sector in water sector performance improvement. He was joined by Marc Aoun, founder and CEO of CubeX SAL, a home scale wastewater and solid waste treatment system, who shared his entrepreneurial journey as a startup in the water sector.

The last session of the webinar tackled Renewable Energy. Hassan Hrajli, Project Manager of the UNDP-CEDRO project, talked about expending localized energy opportunities – disconnect to connect. He was joined by Antoine Skeyem, CEO at FREE energy, a firm specialized in customizing renewable and energy efficiency solutions.

Cleantech Learning Series – Webinar 2 Summary

Dr. Dominique Salameh, Head of Continuous Learning and Training Department and Doctoral Programs at the Faculty of Sciences of Saint Joseph University, intervened as a guest speaker in the Waste Management session, talking about opportunities and challenges in satisfying industrial value chain gaps through entrepreneurship and niche sectors strategies. He was joined by Khoder Eid, founder of Green Track, who discussed sorting at source as a duty and a right that should be affordable to all.

During the second session on Water and Wastewater management, Hussam Hawwa, founder and CEO of Difaf, spoke about considering circular economy principles for wastewater treatment and reuse potential in Lebanon. He was joined by Jules Hatem, founder and Managing Director of Triple E, who focused on the decentralized innovative solutions for wastewater treatment in Lebanon.

The last session of the webinar tackled Renewable Energy. Jessica Obeid, Energy Consultant and Academy Associate at Chatham House, talked about cleantech in economic activities. She was joined by Jad Bsaibes, Co-founder of Green Power Generation, an energy service company with the aim to help clients reduce their yearly energy consumption by 50% and more.

Cleantech Learning Series – Webinar 3 Summary

Shada El-Sharif, Advisor and Consultant in Sustainability & Climate Change, intervened as a guest speaker in the Waste Management session, and gave a perspective from Jordan about the Challenges & Opportunities for the Private Sector in Waste Management. She was joined by Georges Bitar, founder of Live Love Recycle, a recycling platform connecting the citizens of Beirut with recycling facilities.

During the second session on Water and Wastewater management, Dr. Nadim Farajalla, Director of the Climate Change and the Environment Program at the American University of Beirut’s Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, spoke about Water, Energy, and Food Interlinkages. He was joined by Baker Bozeyeh, Founder of FlowLess Smart Water Solutions, a smart system detecting leakage in water networks and provide monitoring, interpretation, reporting of the network status in addition to the ability to forecast future incidents.

The last session of the webinar tackled Renewable Energy. Walid El Baba, MD of WEBCO and President of the Lebanese Solar Energy Society Board, talked about RE&EE as an Integral Part of an Energy Mitigation Strategy. He was joined by Ryme Asaad, co-founder and managing Director at Rise2030, MyioLab and Kapstone Co.

Cleantech Learning Series – Webinar 4 Summary

Ronald Richa, Industrial Business Development Director at Veolia Middle East, intervened as a guest speaker in the Waste Management session, joined by Field Expert Mario Goraieb, Environment Program Manager at Arcenciel, and talked about the Challenges & Waste Management Challenges in the Oil & Gas Sector: overview of the streams and challenges to be addressed. 

During the second session on Water and Wastewater Management, Ghassan LeGrand, Managing Director of Veolia Water Technologies Oil and Gas Business Unit for the Middle East Region, introduced water in the oil & gas industry. He was joined by Pierre Elzouki, Chairman Aquatersus Water Regeneration systems, a Swedish company providing lasting onsite products and solutions for biological treatment of wastewater and polluted water.

The last session of the webinar tackled Renewable Energy. Salah Tabbara, Co-founder of the Naseem Akkar Wind Farms project. He talked about Rising Above Challenges: Lebanon 1st Wind Energy Projects. He was joined by Menna Sabry, Managing Director at Cleantech Arabia.

Cleantech Learning Series – Webinar 5 Summary

In the fifth webinar of the Cleantech Learning Series, Berytech hosted two experts from the Nature Conservation Center – American University of Beirut:  Dr. Najat Saliba – Director and Anwar Al Shami – Lead Environmental Engineer. 

They discussed Research, Innovation and the role of The Nature Conservation Center at AUB for an enabling environment. 

They also talked about solid waste management and the response of the Center to the crisis.

Cleantech Learning Series – Webinar 6 Summary

In the sixth Webinar of the Cleantech Learning Series, guest experts Aya Issa – Group Projects Coordinator at IPT, and Rani Al Achkar – Director, Engineering and Planning at the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC), discussed the opportunities and challenges in the energy and transportation sectors. 

Cleantech Learning Series – Webinar 7 Summary

In the seventh Webinar of the Cleantech Learning Series, Berytech hosts guest experts Nassim Abou-HamadHead of Water Governance and Basin Management Department at Litani River Authority (LRA), and Sara Dia, Water Innovation Lab Program Coordinator at Waterlution, who discussed challenges and opportunities in the water sector ​in Lebanon.

Cleantech Learning Series – Webinar 8 Summary

In the eighth webinar of the Cleantech Learning Series, guest experts Bassel Aoun – Project Manager at Kafalat iSME Programme, Nicolas Rouhana – General Manager at IM Capital, and Selim Chami – VIRIDIS Manager at Fondation Diane discussed the Role of Financing Entities for an Inclusive Ecosystem.

Cleantech Learning Series – Webinar 9 Summary

In the last webinar of the Cleantech Learning Series, the Berytech team represented by Ramy Boujawdeh – Deputy GM, Elias Nicolas – Cleantech Specialist, and Hania Chahal – Marketing Economist, presented 20 different challenges identified by experts in the Cleantech sector and the opportunities to innovate behind these challenges, and learn more about the Cleanergy Accelerator.

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