HealthTech Solutions Initiative

Berytech is welcoming in its Digital Fabrication Lab anyone and any team working on a Health Technology solution that can respond immediately to the Coronavirus crisis and the current emergency medical needs for Lebanon.

About the Initiative

COVID-19, the disease caused by SARS-COV-2, is a novel coronavirus that has brought the modern world as we know it to a stop. The capacity of the virus to spread coupled with the governments’ difficulty to test and identify patients allowed the infection to spread to almost every country in the world, including Lebanon. With global death tolls rising and people swarming to find solutions, Berytech launched the HealthTech Solutions Initiative. This national effort gathers a robust set of volunteers, professionals, and institutions around Lebanon.

Our approach is a utilitarian one – how to do the most good in the shortest time possible. We rely on the resourcefulness and grit of our members, who work to organize themselves into teams to design innovative ways to fight the virus. We also enjoy the focus and speed of dedicated executives.

In this pandemic, we invite you to join us in taking action to protect yourself, the medical workers, and the volunteers that put their own lives at risk to save ours.

HealthTech Solutions

Berytech is welcoming anyone working on a Health Technology solution including test kits or respiratory devices or mobile applications for detection, tracing, and information sharing. 

$50,000 in Grants

Berytech is supporting up to 5 projects with up to a $10,000 grant each to cover material used to prototype at the Berytech Fab Lab.

The Digital Fabrication Lab is in the Berytech Innovation Park in Mar Roukoz, and the team of engineers is ready to assist with using all the machines to develop the prototype of the solutions. 

The Fabrication Lab has industry-grade technologies and a wide range of machines and equipment including: CNC Milling Machine, Desktop CNC Router, Laser Cutter, 3D Printers, SLA 3D Printer, 3D Scanner, Vacuum Forming Machine, Power Tools, Electronics Workbench, and Computers Workstations. Check out our full list of equipment

Join the Initiative

There are many ways for you to join the initiative. 

Medical Professional

We will create an open source requirements document that outlines all the needs of medical hardware, and then design open source medical supplies so that local DIY, maker and fabrication communities can produce emergency supplies if needed. 

We need as much input as possible, so please take the time to fill this form for us.

Manufacturing Institution

We are keeping track and mapping the various available technologies and machinery in Lebanon that we can use to produce prototypes and possibly to mass-produce in the future. 

By filling this form, you will help us find the specific fabrication equipment needed. 


We are keeping track and mapping the volunteers coming from various backgrounds who are willing to help in this project. If you wish to volunteer, please fill this form.


If you are a reporter and need information to cover this initiative, please email the Berytech Communication & Outreach Department on

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

The criteria include: Customer Segments, Social Impact, Innovation and Scalability, Time-to-Market, Team capacity to execute and scale, and availability of MVP or Prototype.

Customer Segments

  • Who is the end-user of your project? (Households, Health Institutions & First Responders, Public Institutions, Private Institutions, Investors & Donors, Media)
  • What problem(s) are you helping your user to solve?
  • How is your user benefiting from your solution?
  • How do you plan on reaching your users? (e.g. Berytech Network, TV, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, phone calls, etc.)

Social Impact

The beneficiaries of this project are the whole society at all levels. 

  • What are the key metrics that will tell you whether your project is successful or not? (e.g. number of lives saved, costs on first responders reduced, etc.)
  • What is the minimum success criteria for the key metrics set?

Innovative solution

  • What are the existing solutions or alternatives that are currently available in the market?
  • Why is your solution different and worth being considered?
    • Cost reduction
    • Increase in Productivity
    • Labor reduction
    • Provide an availability or replacement of a needed product
    • Etc.

Scalable Business Model

  • What are the machines and (or) materials needed for developing your solution?
  • Of these machines and (or) materials, what components are available locally?
  • Of these machines and (or) materials, what components require shipping?
    • Easy production using a minimum number of machines & materials.
    • Replicable and produced locally with minimum to no outsourced material.
  • List your fixed and variable costs (Fixed costs include components sourced, a material used, consumables) – (variable costs include labor, shipping, promotion, etc…)
  • Will you sell your solution? Yes or No
    • If yes, for how much and why? (are you selling to cover the costs or are you looking into making a profit?)
    • If no, how will your project sustain itself? 
  • Does your proposed solution include material or intellectual property that is currently not easily reproducible?
    • If yes, What?
  • Does your proposed solution include material or intellectual property that is currently not easily purchasable? 
    • If yes, What?


  • How much time do you require to prototype and produce your solution?
    • Final design should be ready in less than a month
    • Must be designed, developed and prototyped in less than 2 weeks
    • Available prototypes is a plus
    • Testing and re-iteration should be done in 2 weeks. 

Team capacity to execute & scale

  • List each member along with their age, gender, email, phone number, LinkedIn profile, and role.
  • Explain why your team is qualified to solve this problem.
  • Are you committed to work on this project full-time?
    • The team must be able to develop (engineer, design, code) everything needed to build this project
    • The team must be cross-functional (Engineers, Designers, Business People)

Apply Here

Please fill in the entire application and submit it. If you have any questions before applying, please contact the team at the Berytech Fab Lab on