Proshield (Q&A): Solar-Powered Poultry Solutions 


Q: What does your startup do? 

A: Proshield provides solar-powered heating solutions for poultry farms, combining solar energy with conventional fuels for reliable heating regardless of weather changes. 

Driven by concerns over energy costs and environmental impact, we identified the need for sustainable alternatives in poultry farming. Inspired by a passion for sustainability, we developed our solution to address these challenges while delivering tangible benefits to poultry farm owners. 

Our innovative approach benefits farmers by offering cost savings, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability, ultimately enhancing profitability and long-term viability in the industry. By harnessing solar energy, Proshield is leading the way towards a greener future for poultry farming, benefiting both farmers and the environment. 

Q: What is one of your biggest achievements in your entrepreneurial journey, and what lesson did you learn from it? 

A: One significant achievement to highlight during our entrepreneurial journey is successfully piloting and implementing our solar-powered heating solutions in multiple poultry farms in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. This accomplishment not only validated the effectiveness of our technology in real-world agricultural settings but also demonstrated our ability to overcome challenges and deliver tangible value to our customers. 

Q: What are the main challenges you faced throughout your journey? 

A: We faced significant difficulties in our entrepreneurial journey, caused by the instability in Lebanon. These challenges included social and financial uncertainties that caused struggles in securing enough liquidity to fund our various activities. We also faced resistance from many poultry farm owners to adopt new technologies. 

Q: How did you overcome these challenges? 

A: To overcome these unique challenges, we employed several strategies: 

  • Adaptation and Resilience: We remained flexible, continuously monitored the situation, and adjusted our strategies to mitigate risks. 
  • Diversification of Markets: We expanded our target markets to include more stable neighboring countries like Cyprus and Saudi Arabia, diversifying our revenue streams. 
  • Impact-led Partnerships and Communication: We enhanced our efforts through partnerships, educational sessions, branding efforts, and an opening ceremony to boost communication and outreach. 

Q: Why did you apply to the Agrytech program? What were you hoping to achieve through it? 

A: We applied to the Agrytech program with the goal of leveraging the resources, support, and expertise offered by the accelerator to accelerate our growth, scale our business, and expand our network. 

Q: What are your long-term goals as a startup? 

A: As a startup, our long-term goals include expanding into new markets and achieving sustainable growth while continuing to innovate and deliver value to our customers. Specifically, we aim to establish a strong foothold beyond Lebanon, particularly in markets such as Saudi Arabia and Cyprus. 

Q: What’s something you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur? 

A: One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an entrepreneur is the opportunity to pursue my passion and bring my vision to life. As an entrepreneur, I have the freedom to innovate, create, and shape the direction of my venture according to my own values and aspirations. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone joining the next batch of the Agrytech Accelerator Program? 

A: Embrace the learning experience and take full advantage of the resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities provided. Be open to learning from experienced mentors, industry experts, and fellow entrepreneurs. Use their insights to refine your business model and strategy, and grow rapidly. 

About Agrytech 

Berytech designed and developed the Agrytech Accelerator Program to make sure Lebanon has the most competitive companies that are sourcing, solving, growing and transforming food, as well as feeding the world from Lebanon. The Agrytech Accelerator Program launched by Berytech and funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon to enable the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem and stimulate innovation and startup creation in the agriculture, food, and clean technology sectors. 

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