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Lebanon Waste Management

Lebanon Waste Management shred, compact, crush and sort dry solid waste then sell them to local manufacturers to use them as raw material.


inCharge aims to reduce the number of wasted lead-Acid batteries by providing inspection and maintenance services for used lead acid batteries.


ReGen-R8 aim to re-energize Lebanon & the MENA region by making access to renewable energy sources a hassle free and affordable reality. Solar energy, wind energy, and biomass

Partners with Sun

Partners with Sun invented and tested the first solar convection oven, a standard bakery oven with a new heat exchange mechanism connected to an industrial solar panel.

Cloud Pads

With 80% of menstruators in the MENA region favoring disposable sanitary pads over any other product, Cloud aims to redesign period care for the modern menstruator by offering a period pad that is[...]


ReFuse improves the well-being of communities exposed to waste hazards. Their mission is to work with underserved communities enabling them to sort recyclables and get rewarded for it. 

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