Amira El Mourad

Amira El Mourad

Director of Programs for SMEs

Amira joined Berytech as the Director of Programs for SMEs in October 2021. She is a highly-motivated programs director with more than 14 years of experience in the Lebanese public and private sectors, encompassing know-how in budgeting, financial reporting, project management, investor relations, entrepreneurship support, among others.

Coming from a finance and administrative background, Amira took office at IDAL as head of Budgeting and Financial, working on designing, implementing and streamlining control processes by upgrading the budgeting system, standard business financial and internal audit control processes. Tasks also comprised preparing terms of reference for required inputs and automating all administrative and accounting procedures within the organization.

Thanks to her entrepreneurial spirit, Amira extended her efforts to connect with the Startup ecosystem through the Business Support Unit (BSU) she originated at IDAL, as a national initiative to nurture and empower Lebanese Entrepreneurs. Capitalizing on her communication skills, Amira developed and maintained successful working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders in the ecosystem. Over a two-year period, under her supervision, the unit supported more than 200 startups, providing them with free financial and legal advice, in addition to focused technical workshop organization. Coordination and liaison with incubators and accelerators were also a main stream of the work. This initiative paved the way to a new role of IDAL in supporting innovation and novelty in many productive sectors.

Participating in several cross-functions at IDAL, Amira encompassed an extensive expertise in the investment promotion industry and was a keen worker on building strategies, visions and plans while supervising their execution and implementation, thus founding pillars to major restructuring process of the IDAL`s Investor Relations Department she was heading. She also contributed to a series of schemes and initiatives to support the business environment in Lebanon, namely the development and implementation of the Business Matchmaking Platform which enables local investors to partner with foreign peers, drafting changes with main stakeholders on the national Investment Law 360, and last but not least, the development and implementation of the investment promotion strategy. She also set up an investment tracking system to monitor and evaluate the progress and performance of investments supported by IDAL.

Amira is a solid advocate to entrepreneurship and believes that supporting innovation will surely have its impact on the growth and success of startups.

Amira is also very engaged in volunteering activities, and is an admirer of the nature, enjoying outdoors activities with friends and family.

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