Berthe Abi Khalil

Communications & Outreach Coordinator

Berthe Abi Khalil, also known as Betty, joined the Berytech team as Communications & Outreach Coordinator in June 2020.


Her skills in project management, event coordination and acting have allowed her to work and communicate in the field of events with NGO’s and municipalities. Her passion for arts and culture has pushed her to study acting at the Lebanese University and opened up several opportunities to work for a showcase and tv series.


Versatile, dynamic and with a high learning and self-development drive, she invested in the field of teaching Arabic and French while pursuing her education.


Berthe is a social and people-oriented person; very involved in the positive social impact of whatever she does.


Her diverse fields of education coupled with her professional experience have entitled her to absorb many duties, and her sociable, enthusiastic and devoted sides are her main tools to serve the company she works for impeccably. 


She graduated from the Lebanese University Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Politiques et Administratives – filière francophone de droit with a master 1 degree in law. She also has a double master’s degree from Saint Joseph University in event management, and from ICP France in cultural engineering.


In her spare time, Berthe enjoys doing sports, hiking and traveling.

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