Dana Ashkar

Dana Ashkar

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Officer

Dana Ashkar joined Berytech in April 2022 as a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Officer. She graduated with distinction from the University of Balamand with a BS in Public Health and Development Sciences in December 2021.

She found a passion for sustainable development and humanitarian work and has been working and volunteering in the humanitarian sector since her senior year at university, including two INGOs, World Rehabilitation Fund and CARE International in Lebanon. She completed her internship at Mentor Arabia.

She was also a volunteer at Donner Sang Compter for two years. Dana is a member of The Volunteer Circle, which gives her the chance to volunteer in different places and sectors.

Dana loves reading, sketching and visiting art galleries. She is on a quest to visit every gallery in the country. She loves ending her day by working out and spending time with her family.

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