Emile Moughayar

Programs Officer - Business Support and Development

Emile joined Berytech in December 2020 as the Programs Officer of the Business Support and Development department. He works on the planning and implementation of support programs targeted at early stage and established startups, as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Emile has a Civil Engineering degree from the Saint Joseph University (USJ – ESIB) and he worked for 2 years in the construction industry as a structural design engineer. He then shifted his career into entrepreneurship where his passion lies and worked at Flat6Labs – a startup seed program and early-stage fund in the MENA region, as Program Officer at their Beirut Office, before joining Berytech.

At Flat6Labs, he was introduced to the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital industries, and he gained valuable experience working with multi-sector startups on a day-to-day basis, supporting them in developing their business ideas.
He was also exposed to regional startups and expanded his knowledge of the MENA ecosystem while working with colleagues and founders from Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, and other countries.

From a young age, he was a scout for 11 years and an active member in Kunhadi and Stand by Me NGOs. This has shaped his personality into a community-oriented person who strongly believes in teamwork, enjoys building new relationships and supporting people around him.

Emile is passionate about sports and music! He is an amateur singer and a dedicated sports person, playing basketball and tennis on a weekly basis. He enjoys competition, so do not hesitate to contact him to schedule a game.

He is always available for a virtual or in person chat, and can be reached by email onemile.moughayar@berytech.org or on his LinkedIn page.


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