Joseph Barakat

Investment Specialist

Joseph Barakat joined Berytech in January 2023 as an Investment Specialist at the Innovation Hub Department. Before joining Berytech, he was an external consultant at McKinsey & Co. contributing significantly to drafting the digital SME policy and building the bank’s credit engine for the bank’s digital product in the GCC region. His meticulous approach involved defining risk weights, drivers, and thresholds, demonstrating a keen eye for detail and strategic planning.

Prior to this, Joseph showcased his proficiency as a functional product consultant at Holcom Group, focusing on Temenos systems. He spearheaded the credit and securities modules by receiving the BRD from the clients and writing an FSD, which assisted the system implementation team in going live for an alpha bank in Lebanon.

His tenure leading the Credit Risk team at Saradar Bank in Lebanon was marked by exceptional portfolio management, overseeing a substantial $500 Mio across seven branches. Joseph actively participated in credit committee meetings, providing astute insights into Corporate and SME files while assisting all client’s needs in terms of credit and banking products.

Joseph generated comprehensive reports tailored to risk management’s needs not only bolstered internal control but also provided invaluable insights for strategic decision-making. Joseph’s role extended beyond traditional credit assessment; he collaborated extensively on building an Impairment model, ensuring compliance with evolving central bank regulations.

Joseph holds an MBA concentration in finance from Notre Dame University. His continuous pursuit of knowledge is evident through certifications such as CFA Level 1, a feasibility market study certification from the Central Bank of Lebanon, an Advanced Cash Flow certificate from PWC, and expertise in Lebanese Banking Regulations from ESA Business School.

Joseph’s interests diversify his life from advancing in video games to embracing outdoor adventures like hiking, deep-sea diving, and paragliding. His multifaceted interests speak volumes about his dynamic personality and zest for life beyond the corporate arena.

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