Joumana Maakaroun

Business Advisor – LED Project

Joumana Maakaroun joined Berytech in May 2018 as the Business Advisor for the LED Project – USAID funded project. Her experience is in the field outreach, diagnostic and interviews with more than 200 SMEs across the Beqaa, Mount Lebanon and Beirut, planning and managing outreach events covering the Beqaa area, building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, following up with program beneficiaries including quality management, identifying opportunities for provision of SMEs technical assistance.


She last served as the Senior Coordinator in INTAJ Project- DFID/UKAID funded program. In this role, she interfaced with SMEs owners, worked on strategic plans, the company organizational structures, the business processes, compensation and benefits analysis, project management structures and conducting close quality assurance, collecting data on indicators including job creation, revenue increase and others, coordinating between program beneficiaries and technical assistance providers, developing tools for monitoring and follow up and tracking.


With her 8-year experience in economic development programs, including field research and coordination, Joumana is well known for her deep questions about leadership, management process, engagement, markets and segments, products/services, marketing, sales, supply chain, production, production quality, accounting and finance and capital structure and funding needs.


In addition to her role as a Business Advisor for the LED Project, Joumana is heavily involved in her community. As part of the Days of Hope, Joumana dedicates a portion of her time every weekend to help persons with special needs in the Beqaa area.


An inner peace person, fluently speaking Arabic and French, English (work proficiency), she was born in Lebanon. She attended the Lebanese University for two years majoring in Law. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration from the American University of Business and Social Sciences in 2020.


Joumana is a passionate traveler to all the world countries. You can ask for her advice for your next trip.

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