Mario Ghanem

Mario Ghanem

Procurement Officer

Mario has more than 7 years of progressive experience in both profit and non-profit entities, and currently serves as procurement officer at Berytech.

In recent years, he worked for an International Company operating in the private sector as a Supply Chain Manager actively managing the organization’s Operation throughout the value chain by leading the communication with the suppliers, overseeing the logistics processes and handling the warehousing and delivery matters.  

Mario had the chance to work in different countries with people from different cultures, values and backgrounds showing his ability to understand and respect cultural differences.  

Previously, Mario also worked in the procurement department of a local NGO helping it to improve its processes and way of work to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness. For him change is essential for continuity and growth, therefore he is always helping to promote positive change wherever he goes. 

Being a scout member for more than 18 years, leaving any place better than how he started with is a religion. 

Mario holds an MBA in Supply Chain Management from the University of La Sagesse and a bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Distribution Management from the University of Notre Dame Lebanon. 

He believes that every person is unique and has certain experiences that could turn ‘nothing into something’ especially when given the right support. 

Mario is a Nature and sports Lover, who finds his peace while hiking, swimming or running. 

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