Rachelle Jasser


Rachelle Jasser has been working with Berytech in the Finance and Administration team since November 2019. She received her bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from the Lebanese American University-Byblos and working to obtain her MBA in Fall 2020 from Lebanese American University-Beirut.


Rachelle worked as a credit controller in the Finance department of Arabia Insurance Company for a year where she performed initial tasks related to commercial collection and consumer collection, as well as handled tasks like negotiating payment plans, improving debt collection processes, and maintaining accurate records of financial activity.


Rachelle worked in the Finance department at Middle East Airlines for 3 months while studying at LAU. In addition to that, she did two internships at Bank of Beirut, where she obtained hands on certificate in 2017 and at Banque Du Liban in 2018.


In her current role as an accountant at Berytech, Rachelle checks all outgoing and incoming transactions, making careful records of all expenses for annual auditing purposes. Additionally, she prepares and examines financial records. She makes sure that records are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and on time.


Rachelle has been a member in the National Lebanese Scouts for 16 years.

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