Rudy Bou Hanna

Rudy Bou Hanna


Rudy joined Berytech in August 2021 as an Accountant in the Finance and Administration department. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Saint Joseph University (USJ) and is currently completing a Master in Business and Management. He is able to develop his competencies and knowledge through the direct application of newly acquired understandings at Berytech and the pursuit of his university degree.

Before joining Berytech, Rudy did two internships that allowed him to grasp a wide understanding of the concepts and principles of accounting. As an intern at Saradar Bank and the Ministry of Economy and Trade, he familiarized himself with the auditing and analysis of financial performances in different sectors.

In his current work at Berytech, Rudy is responsible for managing reconciliation and planning procedures in addition to other day-to-day accounting tasks. He makes sure that records are accurate and that deadlines are met.

He admires Berytech for providing an ecosystem for entrepreneurs who could turn innovative ideas into successful businesses.

In his free time, Rudy enjoys outdoor activities and practices different sports.

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