Salah Awad

Deputy Program Director

Salah Awad joined Berytech in November 2019 as the Accelerator Program CTO and is now Deputy Program Director of the ACT Smart Innovation Hub initiative. He has an overall 15 years of experience in software development and 5 years of experience in technical and functional product management.

He graduated with a master’s degree in computer science, worked in the internet banking sector for 3 years before moving to Murex, one of the top Fintech companies worldwide, where he spent almost ten years of his professional career.

Salah believes that technology plays a big role nowadays in business development and marketing. He, therefore, developed his skills and expertise in the AdTech industry and consulted with many SMEs in Lebanon and the GCC in this field in the last couple of years.

Salah’s role at Berytech involves mentoring startups, helping them to grow and develop and overseeing each startup’s project implementation. He also helps guide program members on the path to building finalized products and ensuring they are ready for the market. He is working on establishing partnerships and launching tech community initiatives that would support both the Berytech Fab Lab and the organization.

Salah is a continuous learner and believes that the main key to success is a person’s ability to keep developing their skills on a daily basis to cope with rapidly evolving market changes. As a community guy, he wanted to support other developers in their learning path and was selected by Facebook in early 2017 as a community lead for Facebook Developers Circle in Lebanon, which served perfectly his passion to support his fellow developers. The circle, as of 2019, has attracted more than 2500 active developers and organized more than 50 events to help them shape their technical and soft skills, getting better opportunities that fit their potential and aspirations.

Salah has a passion for working with impact-driven startups, particularly in the sectors of agritech, cleantech, and socialtech. He is confident that with teamwork and a great network of mentors, the incubation venture will be definitely enjoyable and successful.

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