Samar Yammine

Samar Yammine

Senior Program Officer

Samar Yammine joined Berytech in March 2022 and is currently Senior Program Officer for the Food System Challenge program. She supports the team in the execution of all activities related to the implementation of the program.

Throughout her academic years, Samar became fond of research, particularly in the subjects of water, wastewater, and energy management. In 2018, she was the youngest applicant to win a research grant from the Lebanon Water Project funded by USAID, where she performed an outstanding level of research tackling the status quo of industrial wastewater management from the legislative, economic, social and technical aspects. During her senior academic year, Samar was selected by the USAID’s secretariat of the Water and Energy for Food (WE4F) program as an external surveyor to collect baseline data for one of the program’s innovations.

In addition to her experience with international donors and driven by her love for processing and manufacturing, Samar completed various internships across multiple Lebanese industries enriching her technical knowledge in the field. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Samar competed in the BESTMEDGRAPE program to present an innovative project for valorizing grape waste at wineries.

Samar graduated from the University of Notre Dame (NDU) Louaize in 2021, with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, and constantly works on developing her knowledge in areas she is interested in namely processing, innovation, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and artificial intelligence as she is a volunteer in Beirut AI, Lebanon’s hub for AI professionals and enthusiasts.

On a more personal level, Samar is absolutely fond of neuroscience, psychology, evolution, dark comedy, and traveling. She considers herself a ruthless truth-seeker, a believer in the combined power of kindness and intelligence to change hearts and minds.

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