Soha Nasser

Agri-food Specialist

Soha joined Berytech in October 2020 as Agri-Food Specialist. She worked for more than six years in product development and R&D for different food companies in Lebanon. As a food processing engineer, she chooses to focus her career on innovation.


In her last venture, she led the excellence and innovation process at Tanmia, as Business Excellence Manager. She managed the R&D department taking many products from idea to commercialization passing through Marketing, Branding and Communication.

Along the way, she acquired a wide experience in Business Process Engineering from which she profited to understand all business aspects from sales and purchasing to finance and costing. She also led food safety activities by managing quality control departments in different food industries.


Soha is people oriented and loves to make a change by helping others to reach their goals. She believes that knowing and enabling people strengths is the best way to achieve the impossible in organizations, societies and countries.


Soha is a proud bookworm and has a book for every situation. She always enjoys recommending books.

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