Suha Hallab

Suha Hallab

Program Manager

Suha Hallab joined Berytech in June 2021 and is currently a Program Manager in the Projects Lab department. 

Suha has 13 years of experience in the banking sector; the last position she held was as Credit Analysis Manager, leading a team of analysts and relationship officers, handling a large credit portfolio of SMEs in Lebanon in sectors such as construction, wholesale and retail trade, real estate, agriculture, and F&B manufacturing. Moreover, her expertise lies in lending decisions under the IFRS9 guidelines and BDL circulars, and pricing and structuring facilities according to client business requirements. 

She is a Certified Management Accountant, holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from LAU and an MBA with a published thesis in the field of behavioral economics. 

Suha values creating positive social impact and believes in the exchange and the spread of knowledge and experience. She was previously a volunteer in programs such as financial literacy, career orientation and social entrepreneurship. As an avid reader, Suha is also on a mission to encourage people to read; she co-founded the “Lebanon Readers Society”, a community for readers and authors hosting book discussions, cultural events, quiz nights and debates. 

In her free time, you can find her either reading in her favorite coffee shops or hiking a mountain with her friends. She is a nature and sports enthusiast and has a passion for running, rock climbing and mountaineering. 

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