Ziad Jubeily

Ziad Jubeily

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officer

Ziad joined Berytech in November 2021 as a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officer. He will be providing support in the MEL roll out plan within Berytech programs and will be responsible for the front-line overall support to MEL activities by ensuring effective implementation of the MEL system of Berytech.

Ziad studied political science/international affairs at the Lebanese American University (LAU). During his studies, he worked on co-founding an NGO catering to the mentally and physically challenged as an administration and programs manager. Near the end, he began training in diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants for almost two years. He was part of the political and consular affairs directorate and then the economic directorate. His focus was on cross-country relations, foreign policy analysis, political assessment, economic investment opportunities, and international economic regulation. The bulk of his work concerned the EU, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

He is currently a candidate for a Master of Arts in International Affairs at LAU. He is a part-time graduate research assistant supporting his advisor on his book research and working on several articles for himself to have them published.

In 2021, Ziad was accepted to be part of the Arab Council for the Social Sciences’ (ACSS) New Generation Fellowship as a NewGen research fellow for the cohort of 2021-2023. Ziad’s expertise includes monitoring and reporting, diplomacy, research, political analysis, foreign policy analysis, evaluation, and coordination.

On a personal note, Ziad has a collected and reserved temperament, however, his dry humour compensates and entertains. He enjoys playing tennis with more failure than success, reading, cooking, and going on road trips. He is fond of captivating conversations, creative thinking, and is always ready to have a chat over coffee.

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