OCTOBER 27-31, 2020 · ONLINE

Calling innovative entrepreneurs, developers, UX/UI designers, data scientists, AI specialists, and business experts to work on mobile app solutions that digitize parts of the agri-food supply chain. Join as an individual or a team, get inspired by industry insights, work with fellow-innovators, and grab the chance to win $6,000 and take your app to the next level.


Berytech and René Mouawad Foundation, with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Lebanon, are organizing the first edition of the RMF AgriApp Hackathon focusing on digitizing the agri-food supply chain by developing a mobile application that compiles the agricultural knowledge,  develops the know-how of the farmers for an improved productivity and enhances the farmers competitiveness to reach local and international markets.  

The e-hackathon is an exciting opportunity to find a solution to this major challenge set by farming and agricultural distribution industry experts. 

Throughout the online hackathon, you will receive the assistance of experts in product design, technology, user experience and interface, as well as industry and business experts. 

Three winners will win a prize of $6,000 and get the chance to be enrolled in Berytech’s Agrytech Accelerator Program



Get all the information you need for the e-hackathon

TUE, OCT 27, 2020


Business Workshops

Learn how to turn your  idea into a valid business solution

WED, OCT 28, 2020


Technical Sessions

Learn how to build your prototype

THU, OCT 29, 2020



Work to develop your innovative solution in 30 hours

FRI, OCT 30, 2020



Pitch your solution to the jury, receive expert feedback, and win valuable prizes

SAT, OCT 31, 2020


$6,000 each

* three winners will win a prize of 6,000$ each to help them create their MVP and a chance to get in the Agrytech Accelerator Program


You are encouraged to apply if you are an app or software developer, web developer, data scientist, artificial intelligence expert, innovator, entrepreneur, UI/UX expert, business expert, marketing specialist, or a young professional who has an innovative solution to digitize the food value chain. 

You can apply with your own idea on how to enhance agricultural knowledge,  develop the know-how of the farmers for an improved productivity and enhance the farmers competitiveness to reach local and international markets, using a mobile application, or hack one of the preset challenges (see below). 

A team of at least 2 members (3 or more recommended) working on digital solutions tackling different challenges in the food supply chain from the farmer to the consumer. Teams should have at least one software developer in the team and are encouraged to have a member with a business background and another member with UX/UI background. 

You can always apply as an individual and build a team during the Pre-Selection Phase. Join the slack workspace to find your team.  

The online hackathon is open for teams residing in Lebanon only 

The process

  • Apply to get the chance to be selected to participate in the hackathon. Teams should apply in one submission. 
  • Pre-Selection will happen on Slack where teams and individual applicants can meet and brainstorm before the hackathon. 


On Tuesday, you will attend a virtual introduction session to help you understand the process and the 5-day event. This session is mandatory to get the chance to be selected to continue the hackathon. 

6:00 pm Welcome and introduction

6:15 pm Process and Structure
6:30 pm Q/A

On Wednesday you will attend a virtual business workshop as well as a technical session to help you shape your idea, understand the needs of your customers, develop your business model, and understand the User Experience and User Interface to help you when developing your application.

5:55 PM Check-In

6:00PM Workshop 1: Lean Model Canvas and validate your business idea  

7:00PM Workshop 2: User Experience and User Interface Workshop (UX/UI) 

8:00 PM Hacking

On Thursday, you will attend virtual technical workshops to help you with developing your prototype

6:00 pm Workshop 3: Product design and architecture – how to build an application around the user

7:00 pm Workshop 4: Web and software development

8:00 pm e-Hackathon kick-off

On Friday and up until Saturday afternoon, you will be given the time and support to work on your solution and develop your application prototype

9:00 AM Check-in
10:00 AM Think Tanks with experts
4:00 PM Workshop 5: Basics of Virtual pitching
6:00 PM Hacking

Finally, on Saturday afternoon, you get to pitch your idea to a jury who will then announce the top  2 winners

9:00 AM Check-in
9:10 AM Hacking & Pitching Practice Session
2:00 PM Round 1: Pre-selection 1-minute pitching session
4:00 PM Hand in final pitches
5:00 PM Final Round: 3-minute pitching session for 8 teams
6:00 PM Winners Announcement


Use your hacking time wisely to build a demo that showcases your product’s most important features. You will need to present your creative and hard work through (1) a wireframe of your app prototype, and (2) a 3-minute pitch to present your solution to the specific challenge  in a sustainable business model.

Idea Validation

  • Clearly addresses the challenges
  • Clear Value Proposition

Customer Validation

  • Demonstrates clear customer understanding and empathy of the needs of app users, and targets a specific pain, or problem for them.


  • The business model is feasible and can generate revenue.


  • The app/software demo clearly exhibits the functionality.


  • Team member backgrounds are clear, fitting with the roles and responsibilities needed to take the idea forward.

The challenges identified by experts should inspire our Lebanese entrepreneurs and startups to innovate in the agri-food sector


Berytech and the René Moawad Foundation have been working with experts as well as the public and private sectors to identify a list of challenges in the agri-food value chain. These challenges could inspire you to innovate in the sector. Make sure to take into consideration challenge #1 faced usually when developing an app, and choose one or many of the Database and Communication challenges, come up with innovative solutions, build your team, and apply now to the e-Hackathon.

The round tables included representatives from Berytech, RMF, Robinson Agri, Karma Group, University of Balamand, Ainata Cherry, Saikaly Farm, the House of Lilies, Olea, Khoury Agriculture, Farmers Valley, Lama Foods, Debbane Freres, Fairtrade Organization, Jarjoura’s avocado, Lebanese University, Choueiry Food Farm, Unifert, and Arcenciel.

  • Existing apps have data that is not up to date. 
  • Data on a phone application should be specific, accurate and up to date.
  • Existing apps are not user friendly especially for farmers that are not tech oriented 

What is needed

An up-to-date phone application that is specific, accurate, and user friendly, solving at least one of the below database and communication challenges.

In addition to the technical challenge, choose one or more sub-challenges to tackle in your solution:
  • The lack of data on needs in different countries of export quantities exported in addition to standards 
  • The lack of data on consumer preferences in each country, worldwide trends and new varieties 
  • Farmers and exporters do not have clear visibility on cooling units and machinery available for sharing and their cost. 
  • The lack of Farmers registers specifying practices used for each batch and scientific criteria that may give the exporter insight on their conformity 
  • The limitation in applying accountability in case of product nonconformity after export because of lack of traceability 
  • The lack of access of the farmers to standards, guidelines and norms that help them comply with export recommendations or GGAP. 
  • The lack of anticipation on weather impact and potential disease and pests with appropriate guidance for farmers 
  • The lack of guidance on the right seeds and plants for the farmers to choose for their farms. 

Applications are closed


The event will be held online. You will receive all the needed information after your registration is completed.

Yes, you can apply as an individual, then join the slack workspace, build a team, work on the pre-set challenges and then complete your application.

For preset teams, we recommend between 2 to 4 team members with various skills including software development, business, UX/UI, and design. You can also add members to your team once you join the Slack channel.

No, you need to work on the pre-set challenges stated in the previous section and come up with an innovative solution accordingly.

Yes. You will have plenty of free time to hack, you just need to make sure to attend all the online workshops and be ready for check-in so that the team doesn’t get dismissed from the competition.

Want to take your agri-food idea or startup a step further?

Apply to the Agrytech Accelerator Program to get the chance to receive $100,000 in funding and support to develop your  agri-food startup and scale it to success within one year!

Applications are open till the end of 2020


As a member of the Global Compact Network Lebanon, Berytech enacts the 10 principles of the UNGC and the Agrytech program falls under Berytech’s mission to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Sustainable Development Goals

    The AgriApp Hackathon is organized by Berytech and the René Moawad Foundation with the support of the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

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