Green Track - Sorting At Source

Green Track is a social enterprise that aims to solve the waste crisis through sorting at source and recycling while working towards a sustainable waste management system.

To solve Lebanon’s complicated garbage crisis, we need to start somewhere and it’s from our kitchens. Green Track started when our founder Khoder Eid took the personal initiative of convincing the ladies in his direct community of the importance of sorting at source, creating a ripple effect in his entire neighborhood in Tripoli. Equipped with a small brochure, he sent the ladies door to door telling people to sort their garbage and separate them into recyclables and organic material, promising them to pick the bags every Monday and Thursday for free. Khoder had rented a tiny storage space thinking he would not get any response. He was shocked by the number of responses he received. From the 5,000 houses the women had visited, 80% started sorting their garbage. Recyclables started piling up, so he rented a warehouse and Green Track picked up from there.

Our mission at Green Track is to educate the Lebanese people about sorting at the source. We educate households about separating recyclables from organic and refused material. We collect the sorted waste, re-sort it and then sell it to industrial companies that use it as raw material for their operations. On top of the environmental impact, we contribute to social development with the employment of inactive women and youth based on localism. We’ve been able to reach more than 22,000 households in Tripoli so far.  

To expand the impact of Green Track beyond Tripoli, we’ve created the “Green Track Club,” transforming our impact into a self-sustainable model through building a distributed network that advocates a proper waste management system. With this transformation, the social impact that was once surrounded by different cultural, geographical and political constraints, became localized to every village where the Club breaks through.

With each club established, we can target the local community in the village, residents and volunteers, allowing them to manage their waste independently by moving aside all roadblocks that exist on the national level. We work for sustainability and continuity despite the many challenges: political, lack of policy in municipalities, corruption, the cartel that is monopolizing the waste sector, etc.

To start turning around the garbage situation in Lebanon, we need you to get involved. Help us build awareness on the sorting process, create new clubs in new districts to maximize the number of households and beneficiaries from our services, and maximize the quantity of sorted waste. Your financial donation will help us create a bigger impact faster. Sort, Donate and Share. 

Moving aside all roadblocks to have a sustainable waste management system


Households visits for awareness about sorting at source


Volunteer-based work created


Tons of waste collected


Clubs created in the North of Lebanon to raise awareness about sorting at source 

Localized self-sustainable waste management initiative impacting women and youth


Launched Jabal Mohsen is sorting


Launched Union Municipalities of Menyeh is sorting


Launched Municipality of Chekka is sorting


Launched All North Lebanon is sorting

Launched Tebanneh is sorting


Launching “Our neighborhood with sorting is better” campaign to raise awareness about sorting at source 

Donate to push for sorting at source, spread the word and launch your own club

Start a club

Want to initiate change in your own community? Contact us to create clubs in your district.  

Support us financially

We’re always grateful for any kind of financial support. By donating to us you will help us multiply our impact and increase the number of households and beneficiaries we can serve.

Get in touch

We’re open for new investment opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations. If you think we can make a bigger impact together, please get in touch.


This call for support is part of Berytech’s Impact Rise campaign, launched with the aid of MEPI, to help seven Lebanese social impact startups generate more awareness and get more support from potential clients, donors and investors. Join us in empowering them to make a bigger impact and shape a better Lebanon.