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Support the Startups of Impact Rise Social Entrepreneurship Program

Because we believe in social entrepreneurs and their power to shape a better Lebanon, Berytech launched this support campaign to help the Impact Rise startups generate more awareness about their initiatives and get more support from potential clients, donors and investors. Learn more and join us in empowering them to continue rising and making a bigger impact.


From alleviating poverty to employing more people to saving the environment, our Impact Rise startups are making a big difference in Lebanon. Learn more about them, join their missions, and support them to scale and make a bigger impact in Lebanon and beyond.

FabricAID is a Lebanese social enterprise that aims to establish a socially and environmentally conscious value-chain for the apparel industry.

Find a Nurse is an online platform that allows you to find trained, qualified home care providers in your area.

Green Track is a social enterprise that aims to solve the waste crisis through sorting at source and recycling while working towards a sustainable waste management system.

La Brocante collects donations of used furniture and household appliances, employs disabled and disadvantaged people to restore them and then re-sells them at affordable prices.

Live Love Recycle is digitizing the waste management industry and connecting all parties involved in the recycling process, including recyclers and recycling facilities.

Teabah is a local tea brand that uses high-quality ingredients planted and cultivated in Lebanon while empowering rural women and preserving a natural heritage.

The Volunteer Circle is a platform for skill-sharing across all areas of Lebanon that matches volunteers, community services, experience seekers and multi-talented individuals with the cause that needs them the most.

“The Impact Rise Program helped social entrepreneurs provide answers, open new horizons, and scale up their ventures.”

Maya Barhouche, Grants Program Manager at the U.S. Embassy of Beirut

About The Campaign

Social entrepreneurship is essential to the Lebanese economy and plays a major role in creating and sustaining a better socio-economic environment. However, it needs a proper ecosystem to grow where social innovators can be mentored, financed, and supported. This is addressed and solved through Berytech’s Impact Rise program – Lebanon’s pioneer social entrepreneurship scale-up program launched in October 2019 and funded by MEPI.

Since then, Lebanon has been suffering from the biggest economic crisis. And after the disastrous Beirut Blast, many people have lost their jobs. Economic inflation is affecting businesses and decreasing the number of startups willing to invest in this country. With these circumstances, Impact Rise startups need guidance and support now more than ever to continue rising. 

For this reason, Berytech is running this campaign to promote the seven startups, showcase their social impact, and entice people from Lebanon and abroad to help them either by becoming a client, an investor, a donor, or a partner.

Funded by U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative

The Impact Rise social innovation program is designed and managed by Berytech and funded by the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). Aiming to advance stability and prosperity in the Middle East and North Africa region, the Middle East Partnership Initiative program supports governments and their citizens to achieve shared political, economic and stability objectives. The MEPI program responds to needs and emerging opportunities for citizens and organizations that target two core objectives: Participatory Governance and Economic Opportunity. Learn more.

Our Partners

One of the foundations of building a good social startup is involving one’s network as stakeholders in the venture, and in the impact one is aiming to create. With that in mind, Berytech developed the Impact Rise social innovation program and designed it as an inclusive ecosystem that helps social startups scale. Meet the partners helping us fulfill that objective. 

Contributing to SDGs

As a member of the Global Compact Network Lebanon, Berytech enacts the 10 principles of the UNGC and the Impact Rise Program falls under Berytech’s mission to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Need more info?

If you have any questions about Berytech’s Impact Rise Program, please email us on impactrise@berytech.org, and we will get back to you.