Training Lebanese Social Impact Coaches

Through the Impact Rise program, Berytech has built capacities for experts from the Lebanese ecosystem ensuring transfer of expertise and tools for coaching social impact startups at the scale up phase, in partnership with IES Social Business School, Portugal

The Coaches Track in Brief

The experts trained on supporting social impact entrepreneurs are now intermediaries and trainers as they will use the know-how acquired from the program to enhance the skills and capacities of the enrolled startups.

Advanced Training & Certification

Now armed with tools and methodologies tailored for the support of impact ventures, the coaches will schedule sessions to assist the entrepreneurs in their growth journey and advise them on their business strategy towards more impactful solutions

Networking & Promotion

The Coaches are now part of Berytech’s pool of experts opening opportunities for collaboration in other capacity building programs and workshops for entrepreneurs 

New Business Opportunities

The program incorporates 3 tracks: scaling social startups, training social impact coaches and training social impact mentors while linking them all together to propel their growth and create a long-lasting relationship

Access to Berytech's Ecosystem

The Coaches have access to Berytech’s corporate and community events to network with peer experts, entrepreneurship partners, startups and innovation stakeholders

“Berytech looked for experts eager to work with social startups and help them increase their business growth and social impact”

Krystel Khalil – Berytech’s Programs Director

The Coaches Track Details

The coaches have been given the right tools tailored for the support of social entrepreneurs and impact ventures.

Train the Trainer Program

January 2020

The Coaches went through an intensive training delivered by international experts from the IES – Social Business School, on How to Scale an Impact venture to the Coaches, using a methodology based on seasoned academic research and on field experience. 

    Ongoing Startup Coaching

    January 2020 Till May 2021

     The trained and certified coaches have been matched with the social startups to support them in their growth journey. 

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