Startups Supported By Berytech



Agrifresh was established in 2015. It is a Lebanese agricultural and food industrial company, that produces healthy and fresh cut vegetables under the highest international health standards (GLOBAL G.A.P; ISO 22000, Yum!) using the latest technology and equipment.

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AkelTech is revolutionizing the fast food market by serving quality foods, hot and fast, through high tech stand-alone machines.

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BIOwayste is a decentralized enclosed system that allows the on-site conversion of organic waste into biogas and biofertilizer through a simple and natural bio-degradation process.

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Brisky is a startup working on making pre-cooked and dehydrated meals with an extended shelf life and no preservatives.

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Compost Baladi

Compost Baladi SAL is a Lebanese Social Enterprise specialized in bio-waste management at different scales. Compost Baladi’s products resort to low tech, low cost and locally manufactured waste management solutions; aligning with a sustainable circular economy approach.

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CubeX SAL is a Lebanese social enterprise founded in 2018 and specialized in resource-oriented bio-waste management.

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Dimples 750 x 500


Dimples offers nutrition services and produces healthy snacks using the dehydration process which retains the food’s original nutritional value.

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diwama- cleanergy batch 1


Diwama is utilizing digital technologies to create disruption in the waste management industry by developing a computer vision software for waste detection and analysis.

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Eshmoon Holistics

Producer of healthy alternative food items (Chocolate, Cereals, Coffee, etc…) that are made from natural and organic ingredients. Adopting healthy principles of food combinations, the products are all gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free.

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FabricAID is a Lebanese social enterprise that enables underprivileged people to get decent clothing at affordable prices, while reducing fabric waste.

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Froz is a community based platform that engages millennials through convenient activities, tracks how much waste they’ve reduced and rewards them.

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InCharge 300x200 (1)


inCharge is a startup working to reduce the number of wasted lead-Acid batteries by providing inspection and maintenance services for used lead acid batteries.

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Innergy Solutions 300x200

Innergy Solutions

Innergy Solutions is a startup working on developing innovative sustainable construction material with the main goal of enhancing the thermal comfort of the building while also reducing its electrical consumption.

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Lebanese Drug Box

Lebanese Drug Box is a drug take-back program that aims at providing a safe and convenient place to responsibly dispose of unused or expired medicines. 

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Legendairy - Agrytech


Legendairy is a startup working on plant-based dairy alternative produce that makes plant-based dairy accessible, affordable, and optimal for consumers.

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Levant Beverage and Dairy Industries / Dairy Day

Levant Beverage and Dairy Industries (LBDI) is a leading supplier of dairy products manufactured in Lebanon. They are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing quality products with competitive prices and aim to be a globally innovative developer and competitive exporter, providing genuine products & services to our customers.

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Little Melly

Little Melly is a startup working on creating freshly-made and additive-free baby food making fresh and healthy baby food accessible to today’s busy yet health-conscious parents.     

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Founded in 2014, NATAGRI is a company that specializes in the agribusiness field. It provides services that cover all the activities of the agriculture value chain and promote sustainable development, financial management, human resource management, stock management, information systems, technical assistance, post-harvest management (packing and storing), product certification, commercialization, marketing, quality control, and traceability.

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Olive Trade®

Building on a centuries old legacy of passion, craftsmanship and know-how in the olive culture and pressing in the terroir of Baino, in the Akkar region of Lebanon, with a full modernistic vocation, Olive Trade® specializes in carefully crafted innovative olive-derived products, cured in the pure Mediterranean tradition with a contemporary twist since 2004.

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Partner with sun

Partners with Sun

Partners with Sun is a startup working on developing a solar convection oven, a standard bakery oven with a new heat exchange mechanism connected to an industrial solar panel.

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Reborn Cleanergy batch 1


REBORN is a startup working on a solution for the inefficient usage of resources in manufacturing fabrics and clothes

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ReGen-R8 aims to re-energize Lebanon & the MENA region by making access to renewable energy sources a hassle free and affordable reality.

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Rim Mills_750x500px

Rim Mills – Najib Saliba Sons

Rim Mills is one of the biggest non conventional wheat mills in the Bekaa region, a third-generation family business in the food industry that has been in operation since 1952.  Najib Saliba, took the lead and modernized the mill focusing on producing Burghul and recently Moghrabieh also known as “ The Lebanese Pearl”.

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Roxxic for design and construction is an eco–friendly provider of affordable and customized industrial designs and construction appliances made of crushed stones. 

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Sofra produces natural and biodegradable single-use plates and bowls based on citrus and garlic processing wastes to replace single-use plastics in cutlery and packaging applications. 

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SunCode is a startup working on developing a convective solar drying machine allowing a safer, faster, and easier drying of food products than the conventional drying method used currently, with zero operational cost.

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Urban Hives

Urban Hives is a low-cost, lightweight, modular structure, erected above car height, providing a shaded area for parking beneath and garden space above. 

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A digital platform connecting the dots between Electric Vehicles’ Drivers and Electric Chargers’ Owners offering “Charging-as-a-Service”.

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Wave aims to reduce commuting and pollution problems by introducing affordable electric bicycles, starting with a pilot in Beirut.

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Whitelogs promotes mushroom cultivation by providing products and services for mushroom farmers, focusing on medicinal mushrooms to produce medicinal mushroom products.   

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