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Agridev SARL

AgriDev is a consultancy and food processing entity founded in 2017 by a team of agricultural and socioeconomic experts with a shared passion for helping rural producers and over 15 years of project development and implementation experience in the MENA region.

Their goal extends beyond the founder’s enthusiasm to a mission focused on strengthening cooperation and partnership among agribusiness value chain actors to boost their livelihoods toward increased efficiency, competitiveness, and resilience to climate change.

AgriDev promotes nature-based solutions that contribute to decent jobs, the sustainability of natural resources, and better coping and adaptation mechanisms to prevent migration, food insecurity, and conflict. They develop agriculture products starting from the concept and design and ending with the marketing strategy and activation. The company offers a series of zaatar mixes along with a sundried tomato line.

AgriDev works to develop quality products that could be positioned at the market level with high competitiveness based on the expertise and knowledge of its food experts.

    Team Members

    Fadia Ghadban / CEO