We provide support and growth to innovative and
passionate entrepreneurs.

Initiated in 2002 by the Saint-Joseph University, Berytech provides a
dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups
fostering innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

Led by visionaries

We seek to be the leaders in supporting innovative companies to scale up, and in shaping the tech and innovation scene in the region using Lebanon as our launch pad.

Mission driven for a better economy

We offer the right ecosystem for innovative entrepreneurs to create and develop their own startups and SMEs, through research, incubation, business support, networking, mentoring, funding, access to markets, company hosting, and acceleration.

Catalyst for regional impact

Since Berytech’s inception in 2002, we have housed a repertoire of more than 250 entities, assisted more than 3,150 entrepreneurs in the several outreach programs, created more than 1750 job opportunities, granted more than $600K+ to startups and have been investing more than $70M in Lebanese technology companies.

International Recognition

Member of the European Business Network, Berytech was the first in the region to receive EU accreditation as a Business Innovation Center (BIC). Berytech is also Gold member of the InBIA, the largest member-based entrepreneurial support network in the world, accessing the best industry resources for building thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems across a wide scope of industries and disciplines.


Maroun N. Chammas

Chairman & CEO 

Ramy Boujawdeh

Deputy General Manager 

Carla Saba

Deputy GM for Operations and Sites 

Constantin Salameh

Senior Coach and Investment Advisor 

Fadi Khoneisser

Director of Operations 

Alexandre Bassim

Procurement Officer 

Aphrodite Bassil

Park Community Manager Berytech Mathaf 

Chahine Mansour

IT Coordinator 

Mazen Katrib

Maintenance Manager 

Pascale Khoury

Site Manager Berytech Mar Roukoz 

Roula Haddad

Park Community Manager – Berytech Beirut Digital District 1294 

Krystel Khalil

Projects Director 

Tala Saleh

Senior Programs Officer 

Jessica Ghaoui

Senior Business Development and Program Officer 

Reina Dib Angoujard

Head of Communication & Outreach 

Joey Ghanem

Events and PR Officer  

Walid Freih

Visual Designer 

Joanna Abi Abdallah

Business Support and Development Manager 

Chila El Bourgi

Business Support and Development Coordinator 

Joelle Atallah

Finance and Business Support Advisor 

Jessica Hallak

Finance Director 

Chrystal Dagher

Chief Accountant 

Lara Asmar

Senior Accountant 

Christelle Raphael


Nour Azzi


Rachelle Jasser


Salah Awad

Accelerator CTO  



Jihane Chahla

QOOT Cluster Manager 

Mario Ramadan

Agrytech Accelerator Manager 



Wael Khalil

Berytech Fab Lab Coordinator 

Issa Chebaro

Berytech Fab Lab Technician 

Fadi Naffah

Director - LED Project 

Hussein Sheet

Business Advisor – LED Project 

Joumana Maakaroun

Business Advisor – LED Project 

Mariam Makhlouta

Project Coordinator - LED Project 

Nivine Chaaban

Business Advisor – LED Project 



Samer Salamany

Business Advisor - LED Project 

Youmna Younes

Business Advisor – LED Project 

Henry Asseily


Joumana Bassil Chelala


Maroun N. Chammas

Chairman & CEO 

Nicolas Rouhana


Rania Frem El Khoury


George Nazi


Nasser Saidi


Randa Safah


Wajdi Najem


Mohammad Jaroudi



We joined forces with a number of partners and stakeholders to
service the interests of entrepreneurs. They bring an added value of
network connections, resources and opportunities to our community
as they cover several areas of expertise including strategy,
technology, finance, marketing, innovation & more.

Our partners


Program partners

Program partners