ZOOM IN: OCT Analysis, Automating Patient Assessment Using AI

At OCT Analysis, we’re creating a software that integrates into the OCT machine of the physician and automates patient assessment and evaluation using Artificial Intelligence. We started out with certain eye diseases that we’re digitizing with a goal of creating a holistic and versatile platform that will relieve some of the clinical burden off the doctor.

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ZOOM IN: La Boutique Sociale, Circular Fashion At Its Best

La Boutique Sociale is a social enterprise working on zero waste in textile by doing upcycling and recycling. They collect unwanted donated clothes and items and sort them into different categories to be reused in different ways: selling pieces in very good condition to vulnerable people at a very low price, while pieces that are in a bad condition are upcycled in their outlets.   

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SAFI Selection Day 1200x628

SAFI Project Batch I: Three SMEs Move to Scaleup

Berytech is launching the first Batch of the Scaling-up Agri-food Innovations (SAFI) project, greeting three SMEs innovating in agri-food and providing solutions to reduce the dependency of imports in Lebanon into its eight-month scaling up program.

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DAWERR Clearinghouse: Develop A Marketplace for Recyclables

The Diverting Waste by Encouraging Reuse and Recycling (DAWERR) activity, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by ECODIT LLC, is organizing in collaboration with Berytech a four-phase program—the DAWERR Clearinghouse —to challenge innovative startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to develop an e-commerce digital platform for source-separated recyclables.

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ZOOM IN: Lebamoz, Valorizing Banana Waste

Lebamoz collect wasted banana stems and process them into fibers, yarns, and fabrics creating locally produced natural and sustainable raw materials for both local and international markets. Their labor-intensive process empowers rural communities, increases farmer income, and reduces waste and carbon footprint.

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