Learning Series #7: Beyond the Bin | The Waste Management Journey 

Antoine Abou Moussa unveils the challenges and breakthroughs in recycling and waste management.

In this episode, we take a deeper look into the world of waste management with Antoine Abou Moussa, uncovering the untapped potential of this growing industry. Join us as we sort through the different forms of waste and discuss the various challenges and opportunities in waste management. Discover fascinating recycling methods and technologies that are paving the way for more efficient and eco-friendly practices. For entrepreneurs in waste management, we share key advice: innovate, prioritize sustainability, and seek collaborative efforts to make a significant impact.  

About The Speaker

Antoine Abou Moussa is an experienced environmental and waste management specialist with a strong background in sustainability, recycling, and social entrepreneurship. He has a proven track record of launching and managing startups, coordinating multi-stakeholder ecosystems, and implementing innovative recycling solutions. As a skilled polyglot in strategy, operations, technology, and fundraising, Antoine is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and driving positive change in waste management practices.  

This episode of the learning series was produced under the Clyntech Accelerator Program. The Clyntech Accelerator Program was conceived to make sure Lebanon is sourcing and supporting startups with clean technology solutions tackling the quickly evolving environmental challenges. The Clyntech Accelerator Program was launched by Berytech and co-funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon to enable the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem and stimulate innovation and startup creation in the clean technology sectors.  

Berytech supports innovations across these sectors by offering startups the resources, knowledge, support, and funding necessary to scale their ideas and grow them to penetrate international markets. 

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