Cave Abou Hanna

Cave Abou Hanna is a versatile enterprise operating across four key axes. The first axis centers on agriculture, involving the cultivation of various vines, fruit trees, and seasonal vegetables on the family-owned property. The second axis focuses on food industrial processes, crafting natural and organic Lebanese specialties with a dedication to international quality standards. The third axis revolves around tourism and environmental engagement, providing visitors with insights into the winery’s historical roots, modern production methods, and the importance of Lebanese grapes in wine production. This includes active support for Lebanese students during agricultural seasons.
Additionally, Cave Abou Hanna demonstrates a commitment to sustainability by utilizing grape residues for pig farms, cows, and fertilizer. Visitors experience complimentary tastings of all products and immersive tours of winery sections, showcasing transparency and offering a distinctive and informative visitor experience. Cave Abou Hanna stands as a holistic destination, blending agriculture, culinary excellence, tourism, and environmental responsibility.

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