Hommos Hummus

Hommos Hummus is a unique product by Nutco that offers an effortless solution for making fresh hummus. It comes in a preparation bundle that includes simple and clear ingredients along with easy-to-follow steps, enabling customers to prepare hummus in less than a minute. This product provides an excellent and cost-effective way to enjoy hummus without compromising its taste or quality.

With Hommos Hummus, customers can easily control the amount of oil, salt, and seasoning they add to their hummus, allowing for customization to their taste. It also offers convenience to those who are short on time or do not have access to fresh hummus. This innovative product is ideal for busy individuals, students, and families who want to enjoy fresh and healthy hummus without the hassle of traditional hummus-making.

  • Hommos Hummus is currently enrolled in the REAF program

Team Members

Elissar Khodr / Co-Founder

Nizar Sarrieddine / Co-Founder