Teabah is a new Lebanese tea product in the market, planted and cultivated in Lebanon.

Teabah is a new Lebanese tea product in the market planted and cultivated in Lebanon. The plan is to engage farmers and unemployed women in the rural area of Shouf in the production process of it.

We only use local plants and herbs that we grow, cultivate, wash, dry and infuse together into delicious green tea flavors. We offer three flavors so far; our original Teabah flavor, aromatic infusion, and cinnamon green tea.

Teabah is packaged in unique hand painted wooden boxes with illustrations of Lebanese native plants and flowers. Our authentic product that will create job opportunities to citizens around Shouf on the long term, and will inspire many, especially the youth to innovate and invest in their potentials.

It is pretty well known that agriculture is a daily routine for people who live in rural areas which Shouf happened to be one of them. Being raised in Shouf, we noticed that too many farmers and even unemployed women have empty spaces in their gardens and backyards, that they can invest in something that will bring them some extra money, and our tea plants and herbs don’t need much effort to grow. So we, at Teabah, managed to engage women farmers and youth in the rural areas in our production process, investing in their unused lands and thus valuing our natural heritage and delivering a very genuine Lebanese tea taste to the whole world.

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