Go parkly Cleanergy batch 1

Go Parkly

Parkly is a mobile app that guides drivers to the nearest available parking spot

GoParkly is a technology platform that aims to disrupt the parking industry as we know it. City drivers spend hundreds of hours every year searching for a parking space, contributing to 30% of traffic congestion. At the same time, municipalities and traffic authorities lack important data leaving their parking assets under-utilized.

GoParkly tackles these problems by providing two technology products: GoParkly mobile app, and GoParkly Dashboard. The mobile app guides drivers to the nearest available parking space eliminating cruising time, and giving them the ability to search, reserve, and pay through the app. GoParkly dashboard provides municipalities and traffic authorities with parking intelligence, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and implement dynamic public policies.


  • Go Parkly is an alumnus of the Cleanergy Program

Team Members

Mohamad El Matbouli / co-founder

Marwan Zantout / co-founder

Ayman Al Zaatari / co-founder