Akoury Farm

Akoury Farm

Akoury Farm is an agrotourism business located in Shlifa, Baalbeck. It has several services for visitors to undergo and experience. The business offers a small guesthouse, along with hiking services, animal production, agrifood processing, growing different types of fruits and vegetables, and a small restaurant that offers food directly from the farm.
The business started in 1998 and is now managed by the second generation who’s working on setting a new profile for the business. Food-processed products offered by the business are pickles, dried vegetables and herbs, molasses, tomato and chili paste, and dairy products.

    Team Members

    Pierre Akoury / Founder

    Petra Akoury / Co-Founder

    Paul Akoury / Partner

    Benoit Akoury / Partner

    Bernard Akoury / Partner