Natura Spoon

Natura Spoon is a Lebanese baby food brand. Their products are displayed in small puree jars produced from fresh and residue-free fruits & veggies, without any additives or any other preservatives. To date, 41 flavors of puree have been developed and categorized per age and size for an optimal nutritional balance for babies and infants. Natura Spoon acquired the GMP Certification in July 2022.

Their products are distributed to around 200 pharmacies from Tripoli to Saida. The company first full operational year was in 2021 and since then Sales grew exponentially and still has big potential to grow geographically and in term of portfolio/product development.

Following the economic crisis and currency devaluation, the Lebanese market was facing a huge shortage in baby food and baby milk. NATURA SPOON was the first mover towards local baby food with the international requirements and is now competing with the international imported brands in the Lebanese market.

The company has developed several flavors that have a great nutritional balance, and the introduction of the apple-based purée gave a special added value to the brand.

    Team Members

    Rola Sayegh / Founder