Tannoury Dairy

Dairy Tannoury Sal, a family-owned business with a legacy dating back to 2009, is a prominent player in Lebanon’s dairy production landscape. Located just 500 meters from Zahleh’s main entrance, the company specializes in crafting a diverse array of dairy products, including popular items such as labneh, laban, akawi, chiki, chanklish, and halloum. With a commitment to traditional favorites, Dairy Tannoury has become a trusted source for high-quality dairy offerings.
Recognizing the importance of continual innovation for sustained success, the company ventured into mozzarella production in 2022, introducing new products under the Litaly and Dairy Tannoury brands. Co-owned and managed by Aida Tannoury, Elias Tannoury, and Dany Tannoury, the family-driven leadership ensures a dedication to quality, innovation, and a diverse product range, solidifying Dairy Tannoury’s position as a leading name in Lebanon’s dairy industry.

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