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Rim Mills – Najib Saliba Sons

Rim Mills is one of the biggest non conventional wheat mills in the Bekaa region, a third-generation family business in the food industry that has been in operation since 1952.  Najib Saliba, took the lead and modernized the mill focusing on producing Burghul and recently Moghrabieh also known as “ The Lebanese Pearl”.

Since Rim Mills is equipped with a modern factory, it is well positioned to maintain the grand fathers’ legacy, capable of meeting the local and international demand. Najib and his wife, Isabelle, developed an enterprise with a social impact. They have built a cluster of famers in the region, willing to grow specific wheat, where Saliba Mills not only commits to buy the Yield, but also helps the farmers in good farming practices.

Rim Mills team is aspiring to impact the wheat value chain vertically by innovating with new products that matches international consumers needs and horizontally by reaching out international markets where the Lebanese produce is highly seen. To do so, Rim Mills have established “Berdwani”, a logistic and distribution arm  which built the “Golden Son”. Currently Berdawni is focusing on identifying new markets where the Lebanese Pearl can be a good market fit.

    Team Members

    Najib Saliba / Production Manager

    Tony Saliba / Purchasing and Sales Manager

    Fadi Saliba / Financial Manager

    Isabelle Saliba / Marketing Manager