BM Mechaalany Factory

Specializing in pickling food processing, BM Mechaalany is a prominent producer of a diverse array of culinary products, including sauces, dressings, jams, distillates, and pickled vegetables. Noteworthy selections in their range include cucumber, wild cucumber, carrot, green pepper, garlic, cauliflower, tomato, and cabbage. BM Mechaalany’s distinctive approach involves direct collaboration with farmers in the Bekaa Valley, ensuring that all vegetables used in their products are locally sourced, underscoring a commitment to quality and supporting regional agriculture.
This business not only stands out for its extensive line of pickled and processed foods but also emphasizes a close relationship with Bekaa Valley’s local farmers. This commitment not only guarantees the freshness and excellence of their offerings but also contributes to the sustainability and prosperity of the local agricultural community. BM Mechaalany’s focus on sourcing ingredients locally reflects a dedication to quality, authenticity, and community support.

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