Baladi for Commerce & Agriculture

Baladi Establishment, a social-economic enterprise, plays a pivotal role in Upper Shouf, the Belt of Bisri Valley, and nearby regions by manufacturing agricultural products sourced from local smallholder farmers. Serving as a central hub, the establishment has successfully built an extensive network, actively purchasing and processing products from local farmers into a diverse range of agri-goods. With a strong commitment to circular economy practices and green economy approaches the Baladi Establishment champions sustainability in its operations.
The main products of Baladi Establishment reflect a rich tapestry of local flavors, including stuffed olives, olive oil, bee honey, goat Qambaris cheese, fig jam, apple molasses, grape vinegar, pomegranate juice, sun-dried tomatoes, Baladi eggs, Markook wheat bread, and more. By promoting these items, the establishment not only supports local agricultural producers but also contributes to the economic development of the region. Baladi Establishment stands as a key player in fostering sustainable practices and preserving the culinary and agricultural heritage of Upper Shouf and its surrounding areas.

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