House of Lilies

House of Lilies is an agritourism family project that practices sustainable farming.

The House of Lilies is a family farm with a sustainable outlook. An agritourism project for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide wholesome farming products of outstanding quality. Their mission is to be a year-round local source for high quality food, plants and seeds grown at their farm using holistic principles that foster life supporting nourishing food and healthy environment.

House of Lilies grows indigenous and exotic crops while promoting healthy lifestyles, partnerships with the land, and strengthening the local economy. House of Lilies are natural water ponds experts growing a large collection of water lilies, aquatic plants and ornamental fish. The ponds are part of the farm’s sustainable virtuous cycle as these constitute havens of biodiversity, a source of water for bees and wildlife, and a place to fertilize their irrigation water.

    Team Members

    Karim Osseiran

    Hassan Maari

    Elyssar Atallah

    Chadi Osseiran