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Skaff Dairy Farm

Traditional Lebanese cheeses

Skaff Dairy Farm, established in 2013, includes a cow farm, a shop, and a production plant for all kinds of traditional Lebanese cheeses. The farm started with 20 cows and now has more than 250 cows producing more than 5,000 liters of milk each day.

As part of its market expansions, the company is targeting small convenience stores in Beirut and Mount Lebanon to begin with, followed by those in South and North Lebanon.
The new buyers will purchase a wide range of dairy products. The main constraint affecting these deals is that Skaff has been focused on product development and does not have the experience or expertise to properly pursue new markets outside the Bekaa.

LED will cost share with Skaff Dairy Farm to hire a consultant who will help the company to set a sales strategy and train the sales team. With LED’s assistance, the company expects to increase sales and create 5 new jobs by 2020.

    Team Members

    Kamil Skaff / Owner